The Alpine Rhino is a replacement wheel and teeth for most stump grinding machines.
It cuts faster, costs less and lasts longer than factory parts.
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Alpine Rhino

Use the Alpine Rhino wheel cutting system and:

  • Cut faster
  • Cut longer between teeth changes
  • Dramatically lower your operating cost
  • Lower vibration
  • Lower maintenance cost

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"I ground a 60 inch Oak - 3 feet off the ground in 20 minutes with my RG85"
Jerry – California
"The Rhino ( Rock Tech ) wheel for my Vermeer 252 was awsome. Cut smooth and held up great in the most rocky job I've done in 18 years. I did a 92" Fir stump with huge feeder roots in 1 hour with rocks under every root. No doubt I went 50% faster than Green teeth with only a small amount of teeth damage."
Jeff T. -- WA
"Holy sh*t. Absolutely incredible. I've been grinding since 1989 and have never seen such a resilient tooth. I am cutting faster than I could ever have imagined."
Chris B. -- CT
"This mother cuts like you can't believe and is smooth cutting unlike our previous wheel."
Cody N. -- UT
We are proud to welcome Stump Removal Inc. of Addison, Texas as our latest Stump Grinder Manufacturer featuring the Rhino Cutting System. Please see their line of self-propelled stump grinders . See why their 35hp machine can cut as fast as a 50hp competing manufacturers model at a fraction of the cost.